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    Exclamation TrueNuff Community Rules

    Please read these thoroughly before registering for a forum account...

    Forum Rules

    1. No advertising/spam.
      This includes bots, unsolicited advertising, spam and referral links of any kind - when in doubt ask for permission.
    2. No hate.
      "Fuck this" is fine but "fuck you" is discouraged.
    3. No porn.
      Sexy pictures are okay, just don't show bare nipples/genitals - keep it somewhat "safe for work".
    4. Don't break the law.
      You may talk about torrents just don't directly link to torrents.
    5. Don't be a dick.
      If you're being intentionally dickish you may be asked to leave.
    6. Have fun!

    Registration Requirements

    • Human
      On the internet no one knows you're a dog.
    • Old enough
      We'd prefer the legal drinking age of your country but as long as you are legally allowed to join a forum from whatever country you're in that's fine - if you are too young to join forums then don't.
    • Speak English
      This is an English forum - you should be able to read and write in english.
    • Sense of Humor
      If the word "cunt" offends you then this forum isn't for you.
    • Active Email Account.
      Accounts with fake or non-working email accounts may be frozen and/or deleted.

    Thank you for reading the rules - the secret word is beer.
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