TrueNuff Mothersite Update

Posted April 18, 2011 at 12:10 AM by Threeboy in TrueNuff
ImageOur main site has gotten a much needed update!
  • Main
    We trashed that old useless "network" bar setup and went with a simpler "springboard" styled layout. Ever since we split our sites to their own domains our main domain has been destined to become a hub. Today we realize that vision and it only took us a year or two
  • Updates
    The subscribe page got a drastic overhaul. The old layout was a confusing mess so this update is a breath of fresh air.
  • Chat
    We had an IRC/Java chat room back in the dizzay but this one is much easier to use and you can webcam chat too. Please don't be a dick, and please don't show your dick!

The blog & shop sections will be getting updates in the future too - hell we might even get our poop together and launch SpendMore.ca one day.

One day.

The next blog post by me should be about the next TrueNuff.tv video or Brando will hit me.
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