TrueNuff We Can Has Twitter?

Posted June 25, 2009 at 3:46 AM by Threeboy in TrueNuff
Image Love it or hate it Twitter is here to stay.

In addition to our Facebook profiles we now have Twitter accounts for each of our projects for you to follow and interact with.

Crew Twitters
Just for fun
  • @tntv_thecloser - he does the voice at the end of our sketches and also tweets creepy tweets!
  • @bitchbear - No one invited him, he just showed up.

I'd expect that you'll hear some behind the scenes niblets while we're working on new content. If you want to know when content is done then our RSS & Email Subscription Options are a better bet. Oh hell, just sign up for everything. Goddamn we're hookedup the wing wang.

Also remember we also have Forums here on our own native TrueNuff soil.

Also, also check out my article on twitter over at my personal blog - 'cause seriously screw these TrueNuff guys.

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