TNTV Clumpy Videos & Video Commentary

Posted August 22, 2015 at 12:29 PM by Threeboy in TNTV

Over the last few months we've put up a few clumps of videos. A couple Stolen Star Wars (Episode I / Episode II) videos, a couple Detective Police Cops (#1 / #2) and four Special Feature Commentary videos. Not sure if we will be releasing clumps of content from here on out but we didn't see value in trickling out videos one by one so we just threw the videos out Chinese restaurant style - when they were done.

Even the sketches themselves were kinda clumpy. Stolen Star Wars and Detective Police Cops both feature a "medley" format with smaller videos stitched together into one larger video. Again, not sure if this is how we will make videos from here on out but I think we like those more than releasing several short videos. We've found lately is that our shorter videos aren't really well received and to be honest it's not fun for all of us to get together to write & film something small so we're going to focus on making substantial videos. This might mean more medley videos or even just a longer videos, we'll see.

We kind of shut down for the summer (we pretty much do it every summer) but we've started writing regularly again so new videos are in development. The current vibe I'm feeling is that we'll jump back into do more Detective Police Cops or Stolen Star Wars but who knows the future is always in motion.

May the clumps be with you, always.

Photo by animalrescueblog which will simultaneously give you the awws and the sads.
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