TNTV Failures of the Force

Posted April 16, 2015 at 1:21 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
Welp, we have our fancy redesigned website and we released our 2013/2014 Blooper Reel but then we went silent and haven't released a video for a few months. As always we are busy behind the scenes working on new videos however on rare occasions those videos don't get to see the light of day.

A few months ago we filmed a video (codenamed: Roommate Lightsaber Fight) and it turned out pretty bad. We tried an outdoor green screen and not only was the footage shitty as all hell but the acting wasn't the greatest either. We decided to scrap this video as could do it again better. We will most likely re-film the Roomate Lightsaber Fight video it in the future and we're also working on some other Star Wars related videos (we're pumped for Episode 7) that we are not scrapping.

Back in 2006 when we were just starting to make videos we re-shot The Pike about 3 times before we were happy with it. If you enjoyed that bit of TrueNuff.tv trivia we filmed some sketch commentary special features this past weekend that's full of stuff like that and they'll start coming out after our next sketch video.

As always stay tuned for the good stuff.

Even we have quality standards sometimes, Jabba.
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