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Posted October 31, 2014 at 5:45 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
So it may seem that we're taking a hiatus but behind the scenes we are staying active writing, filming and editing - kinda. We’re currently in a bit of an editing rut as we've got a few videos in production that require extensive (extensive for us) special effects.

Green screen scenes are hard beacuse you have to imagine you're acting in-front of a green screen.

First up we have RPG filmed in the summer of 2012. We get sucked into a videogame. The most of the sketch was in front of a green screen so due to the required effects it just kinda sat around while other videos got filmed and released.

Secondly we've got "The Last Beer" that we filmed last month. This video requires some green screening and (spoiler alert) lightsaber effects. The video ignites an old roommate rivalry from way back when Cranston and I lived together. The plot is pretty stupid so fans of our weird videos have something to look forward to.

Moze setting up an FX shot.

Lastly, we have Buried Alive 3 (watch part 1 & part 2) which still has some effects that we have to film. This is (possibly) final installment and I don't want to say anymore about the effects as it’ll probably give away the plot.

There's a Moze in a box.

I really have no fucking idea when these videos will be released because Moze & I are being wimps. Our plan is to finish all three of those vids before the end of the year in addition to our 2013/2014 Blooper Reel (watch the previous installments) so hang tight sports fans.

Who the hell are these assholes!?

Our next batch of videos that we're filming on is called "Detective Police Cops" and it’s kind of different from our other stuff. We've written a dozen or so and already filmed a few so those will probably start droppin' sometime in the new year as always sign up to the TrueNuff.tv Mailing List (spam free) if you want to be notified when they are released.

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