TNTV Music Fail

Posted August 10, 2014 at 7:13 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Moze and I have been wifeless for a few days so we spent the bulk of this weekend trying to write and record an album - yeah a music album. Moze was in a band before (The band played on Jonovision), I know how to edit video and (kinda) edit sound and weíve done music sketches before so it seemed like we had all the requirements. The plan was to make a bunch of songs,covers, parodies, etc. just to have fun with no intention of publishing them. After many beers we ended up with one fully written song and half recorded it. Don't be fooled making music is hard stuff. I wouldnít say the weekend was a total failure as we learned we should just stick to videos! We also gained a newfound respect for our sound dudes: J.Rai, Errorcube, and Snuffy - thanks guys!

A gif outtake from a canceled video called "4D Handjob".

New Videos on the way as always however we may be heading into another hiatus (címon, you guys should be used to this by now) as Iím scheduling to get corrective laser eye surgery. If you didnít get a chance to watch our last Video Update weíre down to 2 signed posters at our shop. Also a final reminder if you wanted to support our friends at Shapeit the Kickstarter campaign runs out in a couple days.

Big happy birthday shout out to Snuffy - be careful when lighting the candles of the cake because with that many it could be considered a fire hazard, HAHAHAH #DADJOKES
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