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Posted February 23, 2012 at 8:56 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image I wanted to hold off on posting a blog until we had a few new videos and now that we have a handful we can we can safely say that we're back for realsies. We have released a video every week since we've been "back" and we roughly plan to that for as long as we can. Don't hold us to it though - because hey, it's us

The We're Back & The More You Bro videos were actually filmed back to back last fall but we ran into some snags learning HD video stuff and then decided to shut down for the holidays. They were shorter videos but they helped us work out some kinks in production. Weirder, longer videos such as Majestic Poundcake are in development.

A few weeks back we released a "classic" from the vault called 18 Meatballs. That was actually one of the first videos we wrote (we came up with the idea before we even decided to do videos) and we filmed it in 2008 while we were filming Crappy Dinner. We originally wanted some sort of crazy stock video montage with explosions and epic music but the stock video was expensive as fuck and the concept wasn't really working. So the version we released is some weird gangbang of us freaking out without music of any kind.

Speaking of music, J.Rai did a goddamn amazing job with Horny Boy. You'll notice a few new names gracing the musical credits of our videos: Andrew Jones and regular TrueNuff Forum poster Michael "Snuffy" Huffstutler. Their stuff is cool and we hope to work with them on the regs. Check out their respective sites/soundclouds and give them tuggies!

Also the 50 or so people who subscribe to our podcast failed to let us know that Optimus Prime Drunk Dial had no audio track and it was like that for over four months! It's now fixed. The podcast numbering is a bit wonks right now and we're having The Rob check it out but all the videos are there though and that's all that matters, right?

Coming up next is a horrible Special Feature (wish I was kidding), a Video Update, a trip to Mexico (for serious) and then back to making our fart videos for the Internet - thanks for watching.

HD = Hard Dongs; SD = Soft Dongs

Kinky bear photo by Matt Carman who's safe word is probably a series of roars.
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