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TNTV TrueNuff on TV thanks to TellyTopia!

Posted July 26, 2009 at 12:43 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image We've been getting notifications that TrueNuff.tv videos are making it onto television thanks to TellyTopia & i2TV! They bring internet videos to TV using a cable and IPTV network.

If you live in any of their service areas and happen to sub to their services keep an eye out for Bigger Man & Waiter - Traditional Pork Roast on the picture box. They seem to favor our mini's but hopefully one day they'll feature our longer sketches. TellyTopia was also kind enough to feature us in a press release they released a couple days ago.

We're working on a TV show called "TrueNuff Internet" - okay, not really.

Photo by schmilblick

TNTV Ninja Sketches Delayed

Posted June 25, 2009 at 5:01 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image Hey guys, I'm heading to Alberta (the Texas of Canada) this weekend and work decided to pick up at the last minute so we didn't get a chance to finish the post-production work on the final two ninja vids. We'll most likely release #3 later next week, and #4 the week after that.

Our contest isn't doing too well, we've only got one entry. If you guys ain't putting in the effort, maybe we'll stop putting in effort too! Just kidding

Beer poppers arrive this week - we'll have 'em on sale soon!

TNTV Ninjas, Cock & Balls - oh my!

Posted June 9, 2009 at 11:12 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
ImageWe had some reports that the Cock & Balls A Capella Download for the Cock & Balls Contest wasn't working - it's been fixed so it should work now. Only one submission so far so if you throw together a remix your chances are pretty good.

We kicked off "Ninja Month" yesterday with the release of "Good Ninja / Bad Ninja: England Man" and it'll continue with new GNBN videos for the next few weeks. We won't be doing blogs for those releases so make sure you're signed up to one of our video feeds.

While we were at it we re-released the previous four GNBN videos in high quality. We're doing this for the new site we have under development. Eventually all our videos will be re-released in high quality.


TNTV Podcast Optimized & Other Related Info

Posted June 7, 2009 at 2:13 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image Our Podcast sponsor stopped sponsoring Podcasts so we decided to move the feed back to it's home, here on TrueNuff soil. While we were at it we upgraded the video quality for the newest generation of portable media players. The video resolutions have been updated to 480x360 or 480x270 (widescreen) - which ain't HD but should look good on modern media devices.

More podcast info after the jump...


Posted April 30, 2009 at 2:43 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image What started out as a single sketch has grown to a sickly twisted trilogy. It seems we've come full circle with this follow up our first video. This will also serve as a "cut off" point for the DVD. Any videos we did before it will be on DVD one and any including and after will be on DVD two (if we amass enough material to fill a second disc). If we play our cards right both DVD's will start with a dose of Chachi & Stoner high-jinx.

Ninjas after the jump...

TNTV What's Brewing

Posted March 22, 2009 at 5:09 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
You might have noticed a lull in our content stream lately but we've still been filming new videos quite regularly. We just released Looks Like Porn (Mini) and have a few more vids in the production pipe.

Next week we'll be revisiting our first sketch The Pike. We'll be re-releasing the original in high quality and then following it up with a new mini titled "The Record". After that we've got a full-length Pike sequel titled "The Gash". It was fun jumping back into those roles, and goddamn does it get random.

After those vids we'll be revisiting our Good Ninja / Bad Ninja series with four new installments. Hopefully these will raise ninja awareness and move more shirts

Back 2 basics.

TNTV YouTube Embeds Strike Back

Posted February 9, 2009 at 2:15 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image Just a quick blog post to let y'all know that we're switched the videos on our site back to YouTube embeds since Revver has been on & off lately and we really don't know how long it will last with the current economic climate.

We were scheduled to film on the weekend but I managed to get hit in the face with a stick. I got a black eye and needed three stitches. The stitches are out tomorrow so we should be good to film new vids this weekend.

I wish I were kidding.

TNTV TrueNuff TV! in 2009

Posted January 4, 2009 at 6:39 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
So we wrapped up another fine year of videos and capped it off with our 2008 Blooper Reel. In 2008 we also managed to have shirts for sale, poop out some custom videos, lose a crew member, re-release the Mac Spoofs in High Quality, crunk out our podcast, break the 10 million view mark on YouTube, and of course release our regular medley of sketches, mini's, and video updates.

Moving forward in 2009 this is what's in the plans:

  • More Videos
    We bought a "dead cat" microphone cover so we hope to shoot more outdoor sketches this year.
  • New Website
    A website people will actually use - where you guys can comment and share our videos with your friends easily.
  • TrueNuff TV! DVD
    We want to make a DVD to show less-techy friends & family and because it'd be frickin' cool.

Looks like we're heading into another great year - thanks again everyone!