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TNTV December 2007 Video Update & Newsblast

Posted December 31, 2008 at 9:08 PM by Threeboy in TNTV

December was a big month for TrueNuff TV! as we ramped up our productions to a new lofty goal of at least three new videos per month. One big sketch release, one smaller sketch or feature release and a monthly vlog styled "video update" to let you know what we're up to. We discussed that plan amongst us for the past few weeks, and rather than wait for the new year we'd thought it'd be better to end this year with a bang!

We've got more big goals for 2008 - more videos, a new site, and a DVD. As Cranston said it last month "More TrueNuff TV! comin' your way"

Thanks for watching, bring on the New Year!

Newsletter under the cut...
You might have seen the Project Wonderful ad system on other sites. It's a marketplace based advertising system where advertisers can place bids for advertising spots, the highest bid gets the advertising spot for the day. Now you can now bid to have your advertisements show up on TrueNuff Comic starting at a dime a day.

We will probably be replacing the other ads on our site with these neat people driven ones.

Power to the people.

TrueNuff Clearance Shirts, YouTube and Bloopers 2007

Posted December 22, 2007 at 6:53 PM by Threeboy in TrueNuff
ImageWe just released our Bloopers 2007 to our site and YouTube. We chuckled quite a bit while we were reviewing/editing this 8 minute monster and hopefully you'll find it funny too. Also on YouTube our "branding options" were unlocked (like an Xbox achievement - *PEW!* *PEW!*) so we decided to pimp up our page!

I've got two extra TrueNuff Gamer t-shirts sized 2XL (double extra large) lying around and I want to get rid of them before we launch SpendMore.ca early next year. They're going for $12 CAD each (shipping not included) and this design will not be re-printed. If you're interested in buying one shoot me an email and we can sort out the deats.

Also if you're interested in some clearance priced "Threeboy" shirts, check my blog for the info. Our new batch of shirts will be available in early 2008, we're hoping Jans or Febs.

We'll be updating you video style next week in our December 2007, peas out.

Love Chicken?

TrueNuff Donations 2007: Vancouver Boys & Girls Club

Posted December 19, 2007 at 12:30 PM by Threeboy in TrueNuff
ImageSo the last stop (I think) on this year's TrueNuff donation list is the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vancouver. The Boys & Girls club is a charitable organization that gives kids access to various programs/activities they may not normally have access to. Even though children shouldn't view our website it doesn't mean we can't help 'em out

I might also be a bit biased to this charity since Jess works for them

A good place to be.

Off Topic LinkDump: Christmas Shopping

Posted December 18, 2007 at 5:27 PM by J.Rai in Off Topic
I know many of you are too wrapped up in figuring out what verb to put after your name on Facebook now, but it might be to your advantage to remember that Christmas is only a week away.

For those of you still shopping around, here's some things that you may see out there while shopping for... well, better thought-out gifts. (Note: This is a very loose "theme" was thought up after the links were collected. Take from it what you will.)

I leave you now with best wishes, and the Wise Words of Mr. Alex Trebek.

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