TNTV blogs from 2006

TNTV In Memoriam

Posted December 19, 2006 at 12:36 PM by J.Rai in TNTV
In the young life of the TrueNuff TV! project, we have had many friends and allies. Those who have assisted us temporarily, and those who have come to be like addition members of our family. We recently lost one of these extended family members. You will be missed, Cranston's Beard.

Cranston's Beard (or "CB" for short) came to us early this year, at first only lurking around in the shadows of the evenings of hangover days, finally making his presence known - if only slightly - in the early spring. A late bloomer, he took some time to establish himself as not simply bad lighting or dirt or food of some kind.

An only child never joined by a mustache sibling, CB formed a strong relationship with Cranston, refusing even to be joined by a soul patch. CB would often come to Cranston's aid in arguments of various sorts by proving Cranston had "big boy hair too" and thus affirming his status as a kind of man.

In later months he would even appear in TrueNuff sketches, like C-Bomb, Smash Co., and the wildly popular Mac Spoofs. Can CB be given credit for the viral success of the advertisement parodies? Hard to say, but one thing is for sure - he contributed to the character of that annoying slacker hippie douche bag (the Mac character, not Cranston!)

This past weekend, while filming a series of new sketches, CB made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of TrueNuff TV! by taking his own life to clean up Cranston's character as "The Boss." While CB's contribution may only be recorded in history as an asterisk in the margin of an appendix of a limited edition supplemental (or perhaps a DVD commentary track) - we are surely all better off having lost him. Good riddance, you fucker! HAHAHAHA! I hope you're reincarnated as the short and curlies on a Vegas showgirl, being ripped out by the roots every month! HAHAHAHAHAAA!

He is survived by some nose hairs and a slight unibrow.

TNTV Long shootings

Posted December 17, 2006 at 9:23 PM by Cranston in TNTV
Well we wrapped an intensive weekend of sketches. Three in total, baby! Now we're looking at getting them done for a contest coming up. We'll let you know later how you can support and help us win the prize.

Just checking our YouTube Director's page and I see we have some pretty good stats. Not only are we about to hit the 3 million mark for views, but we also have some great stats like most viewed directors and most subscribers. Awwwwwsit!

A big thanks goes out to our loyal viewers for all their support. It's nice to see people can watch a video on the internet that doesn't need a kid falling on his face causing his teeth to fall out to get noticed.

Don't get me wrong, that's funny, but we pride ourselves on bringing you quality videos on our limited budget.

Anyway, thanks for watching and stay tuned for our year in review blooper Speachal Felchure!

I mean, Special Feature!

Bye for now.

TNTV TrueNuff TV! In December

Posted December 5, 2006 at 3:37 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
We're going to be too busy working on TrueNuff TV! in December to release any sketches. Wrap your head around that one. We're shooting not one, not two, but three office themed sketches for a contest. We'll release the sketches here eventually though, most likely in January.

Wish us luck, we will need you to vote for us when the contest kicks off - sign up on the Mailing List to be part of the TrueNuff Army.

We *might* release a sort of TrueNuff TV! "blooper" reel with some outtakes, as a year in review but it just depends if we can get to it.

Ninja Edit: New mac ads at Apple - I'm still not getting one... yet...

Busy being busy.

TNTV Lights and Sounds...

Posted November 24, 2006 at 4:02 PM by J.Rai in TNTV
OMFGosh! I forgot to talk about the new gear! This will excite half-dozens of you...

OK, after our trials-by-fire and learning-by-doing lessons in lighting and set production, we invested in a new lighting rig. We now have a few sets of halogen stands that we're using for elevated lighting... that's right kids, just like you see off to the side in your favorite amateur porn. Learn from the pro's!

As well, I went off and expanded the arsenal of sound gear by getting a wireless mic system. This will hopefully help to isolate the dialogue in our oft-noisy surroundings and up our production value a li'l more. We're movin' on up... (moooovin' on up!). We'll upload a set production photo or two to the Gallery for now and you can see in more detail as the rest of the production photos go up along with the sketch on Sunday (we can't show them all, there are spoilers!)

See you Sunday!

TNTV Dank je zeer!

Posted November 20, 2006 at 10:02 AM by J.Rai in TNTV

The response to Parking Rage has been great. It's been picked up on Blip TV! (our mobile content distributor) and is also in line to be our second appearance on Torrent on G4TechTV. Thanks to all for your support.

As well, we had an explosion of traffic from Holland over the weekend so to all our new Dutch friends, I'd just like to say "Ik begrijp niet."


TNTV Parking Rage!

Posted November 12, 2006 at 10:03 PM by J.Rai in TNTV
And now the unveiling! Parking Rage is now live on TrueNuff TV! Many thanks to Alex and Chris at Zensport for the cars, and to my bro Steve for helping with the hookups.

This time around we're trying something a little different with the release structure. The sketch goes live here on TrueNuff TV! and gets all announced and prmo'd as one would expect. If you want to see our stuff our way, you can see it here. In the next couple weeks, we'll distribute it on teh "other channels" as well, like YouTube, Google Video, etc.

Of course to always be the first to know when a new sketch is released, you can subscribe to a feed or a podcast or simply sign up to the email list and always be in the loop.

TNTV Shout Outs

Posted October 28, 2006 at 10:56 AM by Threeboy in TNTV
In our recent success we've forgot to point out a few things and people who got us there - this post is a shoddy attempt to rectify that:
  • Big thanks to Jess for being a grip during a pick up shot for C-Bomb - and big thanks to Nims for taking notes for the shoot.
  • Big thanks to Carmen for taking notes on New Blood - I also think she did make-up & styling on Moze too.
  • Big thanks to Corrine & Brooke for playing the "surprise" in Moving Forward and Corrine again for letting us call her a hooker for three and a half minutes in Saddest Hooker.
  • Big thanks to Shad for appearing in Performance he really does run faster too.
  • Big thanks to Kelsey & Ed for filming our Zombie footage for Undead Insurance - they acted as the TrueNuff "B" team since we were all busy with weddings. People have asked about it (the zombies, not our freaky four way wedding) and it's actually a flash mob event called "Zombie Walk" - there's more information on Wikipedia (of course) and some photos here on Flickr.

Thanks to all who keep watching, we'll get better at acting eventually.

TNTV Undead Insurance

Posted October 27, 2006 at 5:04 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Here it is - sorry for the huge delay with media releases this month we've been working on a ton of stuff. Videos, contests, mummification - stuff like that.

Without further delay TrueNuff Presents to you: Undead Insurance.

Also available on YouTube, and GoogleVideo - but for the optimum viewing quality we suggest you watch it on our site.

Also "Parking Rage" will be released in mid-November whether we get a sponsor or not. If you want to sponsor the video, give us a ring.