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TrueNuff VBulletin Upgrades

Posted September 26, 2004 at 7:59 PM by Threeboy in TrueNuff
The forums had a bad case of the bots. People are idiots and like to create programs that will sign up to forums automatically (also known as bots) and promote their crappy boner inducing drugs or beastiality sites. To combat this I just installed an image verification add-on, so if you havn't registered for the forums yet think of it like a skill testing question - if you don't pass you're a bot!

While cleaning out the bunk accounts I may have deleted legitimate ones so if your account isn't working, try to sign up again or send me an email if your account is not working correctly of if you're having troubles signing up...
Image The Top 10 Reasons Why CafePress Sucks...

10. Tighty Whities.
9. Any color you want, as long as it's white.
8. "100% Midget Hair"
7. The "they own your soul" clause in the new Terms of Service
6. Thongs Come Pre-Shrunk.
5. Thongs Come Pre-Used.
4. Thongs Come in extra large, what up with that?
3. Kustom Klan Robes, that shit's just wrong.
2. "Cafepress Japan" - have any image you want squirted on your face.

...and the number one reason CafePress sucks:

1. Thongs.