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Image The Top 10 Signs you read too many webcomics...

10. Your entire wardrobe is white, and from Cafepress.
9. You say "wang" every 2 minutes.
8. You start your own webcomic.
7. you think japan is full of sad schoolgirls and looks "sketchy"
6. You care.
5. You fear panda attacks.
4. You've spent over $50 this month on "donations"
3. Every time you use the computer, the first 2 hours are spent "catching up"
2. Wang.

...and the number one sign you read too many webcomics:

1. You mail your boss a drawing and say you couldn't come into work cause you weren't "up to it"

Life Gasoline

Posted March 6, 2003 at 2:58 AM by J.Rai in Life

You'd think that for what I have to goddamn pay for petrol fuel that the USA had set up trade embargos on CANADA. But then again, WE HAVE OUR OWN OIL.

I filled up at 88.9/L today!!! Jesus!

(For our American readers at today's 1.74 exchange rate that would be, uh, 2.28 USD a gallon!)