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TNTV Clumpy Videos & Video Commentary

Posted August 22, 2015 at 12:29 PM by Threeboy in TNTV

Over the last few months we've put up a few clumps of videos. A couple Stolen Star Wars (Episode I / Episode II) videos, a couple Detective Police Cops (#1 / #2) and four Special Feature Commentary videos. Not sure if we will be releasing clumps of content from here on out but we didn't see value in trickling out videos one by one so we just threw the videos out Chinese restaurant style - when they were done.

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TNTV TrueNuff.tv Website Updates 2015

Posted February 6, 2015 at 7:04 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
The TrueNuff.tv website has been ushered into the year 2015 and has gone, as the cool kids say, responsive. That means it optimizes for phones and them tablet thingamajiggers.

Also, you can now comment on videos directly on videos on our website. It’s the same Disqus platform that powers comments on our Blogs and Comics and it's super easy to use. Infact it's so easy to use I'm not even gonna explain how.

If you can’t figure it you probably shouldn't be commenting anyway.

TNTV FX Backlog

Posted October 31, 2014 at 5:45 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
So it may seem that we're taking a hiatus but behind the scenes we are staying active writing, filming and editing - kinda. We’re currently in a bit of an editing rut as we've got a few videos in production that require extensive (extensive for us) special effects.

Green screen scenes are hard beacuse you have to imagine you're acting in-front of a green screen.

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TNTV Music Fail

Posted August 10, 2014 at 7:13 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Moze and I have been wifeless for a few days so we spent the bulk of this weekend trying to write and record an album - yeah a music album. Moze was in a band before (The band played on Jonovision), I know how to edit video and (kinda) edit sound and we’ve done music sketches before so it seemed like we had all the requirements. The plan was to make a bunch of songs,covers, parodies, etc. just to have fun with no intention of publishing them. After many beers we ended up with one fully written song and half recorded it. Don't be fooled making music is hard stuff. I wouldn’t say the weekend was a total failure as we learned we should just stick to videos! We also gained a newfound respect for our sound dudes: J.Rai, Errorcube, and Snuffy - thanks guys!

A gif outtake from a canceled video called "4D Handjob".

New Videos on the way as always however we may be heading into another hiatus (c’mon, you guys should be used to this by now) as I’m scheduling to get corrective laser eye surgery. If you didn’t get a chance to watch our last Video Update we’re down to 2 signed posters at our shop. Also a final reminder if you wanted to support our friends at Shapeit the Kickstarter campaign runs out in a couple days.

Big happy birthday shout out to Snuffy - be careful when lighting the candles of the cake because with that many it could be considered a fire hazard, HAHAHAH #DADJOKES

TNTV Shapeit Kickstarter Video

Posted July 9, 2014 at 8:47 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
We haven't released a TrueNuff.tv video in a while because we've been hard at work helping some friends make a video for their Kickstarter Campaign. The video features Brando walking you through Shapeit's plans to make game character printing as easy as a couple of clicks. I also make a couple cameos which could be described as "Linuxy".

If you didn't know we totes do custom Video Production. If are interested in a custom video email us and we'll send you our price list, you'll laugh, we'll cry, and it'll be a great time. Serious inquires only plz and absolutely no weddings.

Now that we're done the "funny for money" stuff we're returning to making our regular TrueNuff.tv videos that you know and possibly want to make love to. We're scheduled to start filming again this weekend and as always we have a couple videos kicking around in editing that could be released any day. Our next video is most likely one called "Rob Takes a Poo" and if you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter you may have seen some behind the scenes photos but none of the actual poop... yet?

That striped t-shirt I wear as Linux is probably over 15 years old - for realsies.

TNTV It Was All A Dream

Posted April 26, 2014 at 7:22 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
Image I'm quoting The Notorious B.I.G. and ruining the ending of Super Mario Bros. 2 - spoiler alert!

I can't speak for the other dudes but sometimes I'll dream up a sketch and write it down when I wake up. Last year I had a dream I was on a train with with Cranston (proof that he’s quite dreamy) and we were brainstorming the ideas for the sketches Cereal, Harmonies, and Hedgehogs. When I woke up I (dick) punched the ideas into my phone and also made notes for Superhero, Adele, and Haunted. I pitched the general outlines at our TrueNuff Writing meeting and Crew & I (dick) punched-up the concepts into full scripts and added them to some of our filming sessions. The videos did not to do too well so I had to plead with the Crew to get "Haunted" filmed however filming the shorter "dream" sketches gave us a chance build on some skills like working out the kinks with the green screen kit we purchased. It looks like we can finally shoot a halfway decent greenscreen shot so expect many more "Jedi ghost" type effects in future videos, heh.

Anyhoo, now that the "dream" saga is now complete let it be proof that sometimes following your dreams results can result in really weird shit.

I had a dream the other day we rebooted the Mac Spoofed series - more on that later?

Dreamy bear photo by Alistair Edmondson who might be dreamy himself but we have no idea.

TNTV Vote for TrueNuff on Citizen.tv

Posted April 6, 2014 at 12:45 PM by Threeboy in TNTV
ImageWe were invited to put our videos on a new video site called Citizen.tv and what makes this video site different from all the other video websites that we've seen come and go (we're old) is that this one gives away a bunch of money in weekly & monthly contests. We currently have a couple videos in the "Top 10" and we need help from our lovely viewers to try and win one of these things.

If you'd like to help us out you can:

  1. Sign up at Citizen.tv
  2. Vote for our videos every week.
  3. Third thing.

If we win money we'll make our ambitious videos that require new costumes and stock video and if we don't win we'll keep making low budget videos like one about The Rob taking a poo or something. If you hate contests and voting you can always just give us money.

Also if you don't vote we'll probably shoot Moze - again

Photo by Ari Moore who likes the way you work it she has to bag it up (bag it up girl).