TrueNuff is a Canadian entertainment company which focuses on producing original content for the internet (and beyond).

Our Mascot - B*itchbear!

TrueNuff started in 2001 as a webcomic by The Crew (Threeboy, J.Rai and Brando and The Rob) while they struggled through university. They released comics regularly until their lifestyle, consisting of late night boozing and fast women, caught up with them effectively putting the project on hold.

In 2005 the Moze and Cranston joined The Crew and TrueNuff began developing a series of goofy sketch comedy videos. The Crew released videos on the regular until, once again, the boozing and fast women caught up with them putting the project on hold.

The projects remain semi-active as The Crew balances their busy lives consisting of, you guessed it, booze and fast women. If you'd like to know when new stuff is released you should check out the comprehensive updates page.

As time rolls forward, TrueNuff remains committed to spreading its unique flavor of humor, and maybe even getting a few laughs here and there - cheers!